Fuji Japanese Steakhouse


Before discussing Fuji Japanese Steakhouse, we will tell you what Steakhouse is? Chophouse or steakhouse is a big restaurant which is specified and specialized in chops and steak. On the other hand, steakhouses of the modern ear also offer other cuts or pieces of meat including veal, seafood, and prime roast rib.

Fuji Japanese Steakhouse fuji

History of Steakhouses

As talk about the history of the steakhouse started first in London in 1690s. They served some parts or pieces of meats, known as chops. After that, steakhouses began in many countries of the world in the 19 th century.

Fuji Japanese Steakhouse

Now comes to the point, Japanese food is always loved and liked by the people. In this context, Fuji Japanese Steakhouse is one of the major steakhouses in the country. Situated in Galleria Mall on the lower level and next to the JCPenney’s and Boscov’s. Japanese Steakhouse started its services in the country in 2007.

Fuji Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar not only offers delicious and tasty food but also best environment for families, friends, and children. So it is a great place for entertainment with families. They have great and magnificent halls for different kinds of parties, anniversary, birthday and many another occasion.

Serve traditional cuisine of the country with teppanyaki and sushi style. On the other hand, they have also very friendly staff, offering the wonderful experience of fantastic services and food.

Fuji Japanese Steakhouse Fuji Japanese Steakhouse

Lunch Specials

Fuji Japanese Steakhouse offers particular kinds of lunchtime deals. So spend your particular time by enjoying best taste of the world. In Fuji steakhouse, guests can choose to dine at the sushi bar. So professional sushi chef will pleasure the taste with the arts of sushi. There is a regular dining table, where the chef will cook the appetizing meal for families and groups. While at the other point of hibachi, chef and staff entertain guests while cooking dinner or lunch at the same time.

Fuji Japanese Steakhouse lunch


Fuji Japanese Steakhouse is now serving their guests with new menus from the start of this year. They stop or close their Hibachi Kitchen just 30 minutes before closing. They have different menus of Hibachi Lunch and Dinner, served with the variety of mixed drinks and beverages. Prices vary according to the menu. They have the long list of Hibachi dished including:

Hibachi Chicken.

Hibachi Lobster.

Filet Mignon.

Hibachi Steak.

Hibachi Shrimp.


Hibachi Vegetable.

Hibachi Calamari.

Fuji Japanese Steakhouse hibachi 1

And much more on this list.

Hibachi Special Dinner

Hibachi Filet Mignon, Lobster, and Scallop.

Shrimp, Hibachi Lobster, and Steak.

Hibachi Steak, Shrimp, and Chicken.

Hibachi Filet Mignon, Shrimp, and Chicken.

Fuji Japanese Steakhouse special hibachi


So in Fuji Japanese Steakhouse, guests will experience the delightful cuisine of sushi. They have the great variety of sushi, made by specially trained sushi chef for the enjoyment. More interesting to know that, they also prepared in front of customers. So here is the extensive list of Sushi including:

Fuji Japanese Steakhouse sushi

Sashimi Regular

7 pieces of assorted sliced fish with 1 California Roll.

American Combo

1 crunchy roll, 1 California roll, and 1 shrimp tempura roll.

Sushi Regular

1 California roll with 7 pieces of Chef’s choice mixed sushi.

Sashimi and Sushi Combo

6 pieces of sushi, 6 pieces of Sashimi with a spicy tuna roll.

Love Boat

Including 12 pieces of Sushi, 12 pieces of Sashimi with 2 individual rolls.

Party Boat

3 single rolls, 20 pieces of sushi with 16 pieces of sashimi.

Fuji Japanese Steakhouse sushi 2

Despite this, they have great variety best quality food.


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