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Machu Picchu Restaurant menu & Accommodation

Machu Picchu is a beautiful place, also a 15 th century Inca citadel located on a mountain ridge 2,420 meters above the sea level. It is situated in Cusco Region , Urubamba Province Machupicchu District in Peru above the sacred valley that is about 80 km northwest of Cuzco through which the Urubamba River flows. It is now included in Seven New Wonders of the World, familiar icon of Inca Civilization. Therefore included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983.

As talk about the Machu Picchu Restaurant then you will have to take a journey from the sunshine coast of Australia to the striking heart of South America. Follow the ballet rhythms to the fiesta on Ocean Street in Maroochydore. After that you can step into the experiences of sound, beautiful sights and flavors of the most attractive place of the continent.

Interesting to know, South American do not just eat to ensure themselves but they eat to honor, to celebrate and to connect with close friends and relatives. Their prestigious and delicious menu invites the guest to share the finest cuisine from all over the world, from hearty Brasilian Asado to elegant Peruvian Ceviche. More facilities included great music, delicious food, and great cocktails.

4. Eat & Food

In this magnificent place, Machu Picchu, guest cab enjoy the delicious meals according to the need of the people. They offer set menus to light food, desserts to late night munchies, robust mains to share plates;  all covered by restaurants because South America gave potatoes, peanuts, corn, tomatoes, pumpkins, chilies and chocolate. Menus reflects the flavors and vivid colors of infinity varied region, also looking for the separate menu for the children. Full Guide of Machu Picchu Restaurant Eat Food

3. Drinks

They offer the comprehensive collection of beer which will take a person on a trip through Peru, Guatemala, Cuba, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and El Salvador, featured 17 kinds of different cachaca and rum; that is ranging from slow aged Guatemalan to 20 years old Colombian Dictator. While the cocktail includes the signature creation of Ginger Spiced Mojitos with usual suspect Pina Colada.

2. Live Music

They have a very impressive facility of live music arranged every week. Therefore sit back with some delicious empanadas and a special couple of Aguila beers and feel and transport your soul to the other romantic side of the world. Full Guide of Machu Picchu Restaurant live music

1. Salsa Sundays

The most enjoyable are off Sunday Afternoon, came on this place from 2 pm to 4 pm to learn some moves of Salsa, relax, enjoy and kick back the action over a couple of mojitos. DJ Helios will give a free lesson of Salsa for all ages. Moreover, kids are also welcome to enjoy the party. Despite these, also celebrate the weekend music nights with DJs. So in this context, DJ Dirty Miguel is on the desk for live music hits with the 80s and a little bit of Latino from 9 pm to late night on every Sunday and Friday.

Full Guide of Machu Picchu Restaurant salsa sundays

They have an exceptional and incredible team of talented staffs, so they have done excellent work for the hospitality of guest from all around the globe.


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