Maldives Tour Packages that will Make Your Vacations Thrilling


Maldives Tour Packages – Reasons to Visit Maldives

Maldives is an outstanding place to spend the vacations with unparalleled charm. Before going to select the best Maldives Tour Packages, you must know some interesting facts about Maldives. Maldives have always been the main tourist’s attractions offering best hotels to stay and best locations to visit. It is an island country located in the Indian Ocean located the Arabian Sea in South Asia. The territory spans an area of about 115 Square miles (298 square miles). Male, the capital of Maldives is known as King’s Island, due to its central location. Also, it is the World’s lowest country from the sea level. The history and culture of the country links with India, so you will find the taste of Indian culture in your visit.

As the country is an island, the natives of Maldives are known as Dhivehin which means islanders. You will find the people of Maldives kind and humble to you. Other than the natives, the wildlife of Maldives is also wide-ranging. The Indian ocean holds 110 species of fishes alone, 21 species of whales and Dolphins, 400 Mollusks, 83 spices of Echinoderms and 5 species and sea turtle. The coral reefs are also spectacular and worth seeing. You will love to swim in the calm blue water and love to hike in the mountains. All these charms make Maldives Tour Packages more fascinating and memorable.  The charming country is one the best place in the world to spend the vacations.

Reasons to Visit Maldives

Here, are some of the best reasons that why should one avail the Maldives Tour Packages. Also, you get little bit information about the interesting facts of Maldives.

1. The Nonending Blue Sea

The Blue water of Maldives is captivating. Of course, you will not experience its beauty at a glance, but surely the deep and shallow water will attract you towards it. The water houses the vibrant sea life but beware of the giant water life. You will love snorkeling in the profound water. The dives are also available, and you can access them via boats. The most enjoyable spots are Fish heads and Banana Reefs. The reef tours will give you a chance to see nearly 1000 marine life. The sea water and the marine life makes your Maldives Tour Packages more interesting.

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2. A Matchless Culture

Maldives is a beautiful place which is picturized by remarkable landscapes and exotic islands. Above all this, the place is rich in its pure culture, most of the inhabitants are Sunni Muslims. The culture is mainly a blend of Arab, Sinhalese and South Indian traditions. The capital of Maldives, Male’ is the home for the cultural attractions. The main attractions and points of interests include Male’ Fish Market, Sultan Park, Presidential Palace, and the Grand Friday mosque. Other than this, the resorts possess sparkling properties and must to see the place in Maldives.

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3. Gastronomic Pleasures

Maldives offer delicious dining from the casual meals to the high-class gourmet meals. The culinary of Maldives offers International cuisines. The meals start with the taste of Italian foods and end at the gourmet preparations of extraordinary seafood. If you want to experience the Maldivian taste go for the local venues. The cultural food of Maldives largely comprises of fish featured with coconut and spicy in sense of taste.

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4. Enjoy the Tour on Seaplane with your Partner

While enjoying the Maldives Tour Packages, don’t miss to ride on the seaplanes. Make your journey more memorable and give your partner a tour gift. The seaplanes can land and take off from the water as it has skis instead of wheels. To make your vacations more thrilling, and to enjoy the ride in the tranquil blue water you have only two options. One of the boat and other is the seaplane. Boating is an ordinary means of transporting in water so go for seaplanes and make the trip more amazing.

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5. Enjoy Dining Underwater

Dining is most commonly experienced at the shore of the ocean, in the restaurants, at the roofs bit what about the dining under the water? Isn’t it good to hear? Imagine if is so thrilling to listen then what if you do this in your life? Maldives Tour Packages offer you dine under the water with the best and delicious food.

Maldives Tour Packages that will Make Your Vacations Thrilling Maldives Tour Packages 5

Maldives Tour Plans

Some of the best Maldives Tour Packages are as follow:

Leisure in Male’ for Three days

Male’ is the tropical Eden of Maldives. Enjoy your spare time with your family there and make our vacations memorable. Land at Male’ and head towards your hotel via speedboat. Rest for some time in your room and then explore the beauty of Maldives. Admire the crystal-clear water of Maldives and relax on the cool sandy beaches. Enjoy your next breakfast in Maldives and move towards beaches for a refreshing sun bath. If you don’t like to bath in sun, go for an uplifting dive in the ocean. You can also enjoy water sports, wind suffering, banana boat rides and much more. These activities make your Maldives Tour Packages more thrilling and refreshing one.

Next day, go for an indulgent treatment in the spa and pamper yourself to explore more. Try the wellness package, with a relaxing aromatherapy treatment and relax at your resort for the whole night. Next morning, enjoy your last breakfast at Maldives and depart for your home.

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Here are the tour details at a glance:

Day 1 Arrive Male’ and relax at your resort
Day 2 Enjoy Sunbath and Dive in Deep Blue Water
Day 3 Go to Spa for a wellness package
Day 4

Depart for home

Hotel Booking

Before going to choose Maldives Tour Packages, book your hotel. If the hotel is not available in the package you must book it on your own before going to Maldives. This will ease your tour and make the journey relaxing as well.

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