Philippines Tour Packages and Sightseeing Attractions


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The Republic of the Philippines is a beautiful sovereign island country in the Southeast Asia. Located in the western Pacific Ocean. It totally consists small 7,641 islands. These Islands are categorized into three major categories Visayas, Luzon, and Mindanao. It is the 12th most populous country of the world whole 8th most populous in Asia. As concern with the tourist’s point of view, it is the great place to visit. Therefore it has plenty of places to enjoy but you must know about the Philippines tour packages.

So most of the island in the country have fantastic and beautiful destinations and beaches of white sand and crystal clear water. Therefore these beaches create the perfect combination of vacation for the tourists.

Philippines Tour Packages and Sightseeing Attractions Philippines Tour Packages

Hotel booking guide

There is no doubt in the beauty of this country. So I think you are thinking of visiting the Philippines. Do you? If yes, then it is necessary for you to book your residences in the Philippines before traveling. Therefore you will find relish resident if you book your room early. So in this context, we have a list of some of the best hotel available in the country. They provide services and residences according to the need of the tourists. So the luxurious hotels are including Raffles Makati, Fairmont Makati, Manila, The Peninsula Manila, Somerset Alabang Manila, Discovery Primea, Aruga at the Grove and much more. To book the best hotel in the Philippines, start trying now. But you must about the places, destinations and mainly Philippines tour packages before taking off. Therefore you can enjoy one of the best trips in budget Philippines tour packages.

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Philippines Tour Packages and Sightseeing Attractions residences

Top Attractions to visit

1. Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue Rice Terraces is one of the oldest places to visit in the Philippines. According to reports, these are about 2,000 years old terraces situated in the mountains of Ifugao. Therefore commonly known as the eighth wonder of the world. Located about 1500 meter above the sea level and built largely by hand. So no trip to the Philippines could be complete without visiting the magnificent Banaue Rice Terraces. Local people still plant vegetable and rice here. Therefore don’t miss the chance to visit the history of the Ifugao and its civilization through budget Philippines tour packages.

Philippines Tour Packages and Sightseeing Attractions Banaue Rice Terraces

2. Beautiful Island: Boracay

Boracay is small but most beautiful Island in the Philippines. Situated 2 kilometers northwest of the Panay and 315 kilometers south of the capital city Manila. Due to its beauty, it received a large number of awards from the many travel agencies and publications. Therefore the island is operated by the Philippine Tourism Authority. Called as the emerging in the top level destinations for nightlife and tranquility. Awarded as the beautiful and best island of the world in 2012 by international travel magazine ‘Travel + Leisure’. There are a lot of things to do and great adventures like motorbiking, snorkeling, parasailing, kite surfing, horse riding and scuba diving. So you can enjoy all these by best Philippines tour packages.

Philippines Tour Packages and Sightseeing Attractions Boracay

3. Magnificent: Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills are the magnificent geological formation in the beautiful province of Philippines, Bohol. According to reports, there are 1260 to 1776 which spread on the total area of 50 square kilometers. How did they name as Chocolate Hill? Covered with green grass but turns into chocolate in the dry season. Therefore it is not only one of the popular tourist attractions in Bohol but all over the Philippines. Due to history and importance of Chocolate Hills, considered in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Therefore considered as the third National Geological Monument in the country.

Philippines Tour Packages and Sightseeing Attractions Chocolate Hills

4. Beautiful Province: Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is a lovely municipality in the north-westernmost province Oriental Mindoro in the Philippines. Situated 130 south of the Manila in the south-western of the Isla Verde Passage. It is well favored due to its excellent diving spots, gorgeous beaches and biggest diversity of marine species. Some of its most popular beaches are Sabang Beach and White Beach that also offer nightlife, shopping, hotel accommodation and tasty dining. Natural harbor of Muelle Bay is another famous attraction because it contains bars, restaurants, and shops. So you can visit beautiful paradise by healthy Philippines tour packages.

Philippines Tour Packages and Sightseeing Attractions Puerto Galera

Top Tour Packages:

1. Pilgrimage Tour

This tour offers you the visit to the holy places, mostly churches. Aside from the renowned places to visit in the Philippines, this tour is rich with the religious spirit. The church is favorable for the believers of Christianity.

The tour offers you to search deeply the history of your religion, the life of Jesus, his sacrifices, miracles, and pains. The tour takes you inside the spiritual world based on the faith. Firstly, the visit starts from Lady of Manoag in Pangasinan. It continues to Padre Pio Shrine, Kamay ni Hesus, Pink Sisters Convent, Good Shepherd, popular churches in Manila. And covers all the historical churches in the city of Manila and San Agustin.

Philippines Tour Packages and Sightseeing Attractions Philippines Pilgrimage Tour

The table below briefs the tour:

Day 1 Arrival at Manila
Day 2 Spiritual Tour at Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine
Day 3 Visit to Parde Pio Shrine in STO. Tomas, Batangas.
Day 4 Enjoy whole day Tagaytay Tour
Day 5 Go to Manila from Tagaytay
Day 6 Visit the well-known churches like Baclaran Church, Quiapo Church, San Agustin Church.
Day 7 Departure for home

2. Spend leisure time in Islands

Escape from the daily bore routine to the Islands of Philippines! As the island offers you the best views. The island of Boracay was declared the best in 2012 to spend both vacations and honeymoon. Consequently, the landscapes full the heart of visitors with joy and happiness. As a result of moving forward, you will escape from the busy life of Manila, towards the highlands of Tagaytay. Consequently, viewing the lands like never before makes your trip the most wonderful one.

Philippines Tour Packages and Sightseeing Attractions Spend leisure time in Philippines Islands

3. Beauty of Palawan Islands

At the same time, moving a step forward you will be pleased to see the greenery and beauty of city Palawan. Thus, the journey is full of natural bliss and bring a freshness to one’s nature. Finally, the Bohol is the end of destination that offers you spectacular scenes. It will make you feel in the arms of nature. At this point, the chocolate hills and tarsier are the most famous things about the place to see.

Philippines Tour Packages and Sightseeing Attractions elephant mountains

The highlights of the tour are as below:

1st Day Reaches Manila
Day 2 Go to Palawan via Philippines Airline
Day 3 Travel to Sabang, go to the popular sights, go for canoe tour and see the caves, go for sightseeing of elephant mountains.
Day 4 Visit LULI and Pandan Islands along with starfish Island and Cowrie Island.

Budget guide of the Trip

The packages for the visitors are set according to their pocket and requirement. The chart below exhibits the low, medium or high budget for the visitors:

Single Traveler Two Travelers
Low Budget 545 – 800 dollars 1090 – 1,600 dollars
Medium Budget 1,155– 1,500 dollars 2,310 – 3,000 dollars
High Budget Over3,000 dollars over 10,000 dollars

Price Table: Breakfast

Low Budget 5-10 dollars/day
Medium Budget 13-17 dollar/day
High Budget Above 50 dollars/day 

Price Table: Lunch

Low Budget 7-12 dollar/day
Medium Budget 18-30 dollar/day
High Budget Above 75 dollars/day

Price Table: Dinner

Low Budget 10-15 dollars/day
Medium Budget 20-40 dollars/day
High Budget above 70 dollars/day

Top Sightseeing in Philippines

Despite all above-discussed destinations, there are a large number of more places to visit in the Philippines. These places including:

  • Palawan
  • Iloilo
  • Bicol
  • Surigao
  • Lake Sebu & South Cotabato
  • Cebu
  • Mayon Volcano, Albay

Transport Services in Philippines

There are two kinds of bus services in the Philippines. So one is luxurious which is used only for long journeys because they also offer business class seats and beds. Other buses for tourists are air conditioning buses. But you can also use tricycles for short trips. They charge only 2 to 12 pesos according to your destination. They also have train system but in very small number. So you can enjoy all these with best Philippines tour packages.

Philippines Tour Packages and Sightseeing Attractions transprt