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Beijing Tour Packages – Top Places to visit & Best Hotels to Stay

Beijing, the capital of China is the most popular among the travel lovers. The people loves to avail the Beijing Tour Packages, consequently making it the best place for a trip. Before getting the best Beijing Tour Packages, we must have a look at the interesting facts of the city. So that, the tour is informative and interesting. China has always been counted as the top country that has advanced in the field of technology and education. Thus, Beijing which is the capital of the country is full of spectacular specimens of art, technology, culture, history, education, and economy. It is also the first most populous capital city of the world. It is the north of the China and spans an area of about 6336 square miles.

The city is full of the best vacations spots and it should be on the radar of the travel lovers. The pulsating capital has abundant of restaurants offering mouthwatering dishes. Other than this, it has leafy gardens, science museums, giant libraries with vast collections of books, and great shopping malls.

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Reasons to Visit Beijing

Therefore, before heading towards Beijing Tour Packages, it is necessary to know something interesting about the tour. So, we have picked up some best points of the visit in Beijing for you.

1. There is a Spectacular Great Wall of China

The first and foremost is the great wall of China. It is the destination of every visitor, making their tour memorable. The wall was built to keep the marauding army away from the reach of China. Thus, it is a defensive wall. The wall dates back to the 7the century. The wall is twisted around the country about 5,500 miles.

There are some myths that the great wall of China, based upon contrary beliefs that it can be watched from the space. Some of the astronauts have quoted in their books that the wall is even visible from the moon. According to them, it is the only creation of man that goes beyond the surface of the globe and visible from outside the earth. The wall is made up of stone, bricks, wood, rammed earth and other material. Like other tourist’s attractions in Beijing, the great wall of China is also preserved as the historical place of China.

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2. Move a step in the history

China is the country with remarkable history, once you enter Beijing, the city will welcome you with historical stories. The center of the city is the hub of the historical places like Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square.  Before stepping to Beijing Tour Packages, let us know something interesting about the city’s center. Tiananmen Square gets its name as it is separated from the Forbidden City, located in the north. The word Tiananmen means “Gate of Heavenly Peace.” It is the 10th largest city Square of the world, spanning an area of about 440,500 square miles. The place is important for China as many historical events are held here annually.

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3. Interesting facts about Forbidden City

The Forbidden City of China is not really forbidden! In fact, it attracts nearly 14 million tourists in a year. This is really a must-see place in Beijing, making the Beijing Tour Packages more interesting. The place is mostly crowded with visitors at weekends. The beauty of the place is that it houses a vast collection of historical handicrafts. There are about 9,999 rooms that are fill of ancient artifacts. The Forbidden City is the home to the collection of specimens from Chinese history. While visiting the complex, you will see the gardens, plazas, ancient porcelain and jade, and museum. Even, it is the world’s largest museum with a vast collection of history. The more interesting facts are that you can go Forbidden City for three days without a visa. This policy was introduced in 2013 and tourists have taken great advantage of it.

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4. Beijing offers you Tea on Every Occasion

Although Tea is a common day drink, Beijing has something more than a normal day tea for you. Having tea is a time-honored culture in China. The Beijing’s plentiful brews are popular among the natives as well as the visitors. There is a vast collection of teas include green tea, gunpowder tea, jasmine tea, golden monkey tea and much more. To relish the taste of every type of tea visit Maliandao Tea Market. In this market, about 900 vendors sell their delicious tea.

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5. Taste the traditional Cuisine in Beijing

The cuisine of Beijing was considered as “Imperial cuisine.” Also, it retains its taste and quality till now. The food of Beijing is not like that Chinese food that you taste in your country. Rather the food in Beijing changes your conceptions about Chinses food totally. The roasted ducks, and other tender and juicy meats were the part of imperial food that are even today offered there. Many of the natives from different provinces of China come there to refresh their taste of ancient Chinses food. You will find a blend of ancient traditional food with new Chinese flavor in Beijing. You will find there a blend of international cuisines.

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6. Experience the World Best Shopping

China is a place where new products and technology is introduced daily. Shopping is not merely confined to ladies’ products but you can also go for some new technology products. Therefore, not only females but the males can also enjoy shopping there. this makes the Beijing Tour Packages best for females as well as the males. The best place for shopping for females is Qianmen Street, Women Street, and Pearl Market. To buy the traditional Chinese dresses and accessories, you shall visit Silk Alley. To witness the traditional and elegant Chinese antiques, wander in Liulichnag Culture Street and you will feel like you are in a paradise.

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7. Chinese nightlife & Best Performance

Beijing is the hub of live performances in China. If you are looking for some entertainment and thrill, Beijing Tour Packages are best for you in my opinion. The Beijing Opera, acrobatics, dramatic performances in teahouses are some of the popular performances in Beijing. The performers are the master in classical ballet, traditional Chinese dance, and other performing arts. The nightlife of China offers the visitors many musical performances, and clubs as well as cafes. You will love to see the hostelries in Tianqiao. If you looking for a westernized feel, then Sanlitun Pub is good for you.

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Sightseeing Attractions in Beijing

For the visitors of Beijing, we have listed some best places to visit in Beijing, so that you can enjoy your Beijing Tour Packages. So, the best sightseeing attractions in Beijing are as follow:

    • The Temple of Heaven
    • Great Wall of China
    • Forbidden City
    • Tiananmen Square
    • Summer Palace
    • Ming Tombs
    • Hutongs
    • Olympic Sites
    • Beijing Roast Duck
    • Beijing Opera

Efficient Transportation System

The transportation system of Beijing is mainly airways, trains, and public transportation. The buses are the best for the visitor to explore the city and more from one place to the other. If you want to travel another city, the railway system is best for you.

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Hotel Booking in Beijing

If your hotel is not included in your Beijing Tour packages, then book your hotel individually. To avoid any difficulty during your tour, it is necessary to book your Residence before.

The best hotels in Beijing are as follow:

  • Shangri-La Hotel
  • Waldorf Astoria
  • The Peninsula
  • JW Marriott Hotel
  • InterContinental Beijing Beichen
  • Park Hyatt
  • The Ritz-Carlton
  • The Opposite HouseBeijing Tour Packages with Detailed Itinerary Beijing Tour Packages 5


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