Top 9 Best Travel Shoes for Men

Price Table for the Best Travel Shoes for Men
Serial No Shoes Price
01 Clark Desert $44.84
02 Pikolinos Durban $67.99
03 Vans Slip-On SF $41.40
04 Sanuk TKO $39.00
05 SeaVees Legend Clipper Class $31.09
06 Reef Ripper Tx $32.24
07 Lukla Pro Mid Hiker $77.00
08 Aalto Chukka by Kuru $155.00
09 Wool Runners $95.00

Picking the best and right shoes is one of the most challenging and critical of traveling. Best traveling shoes are as much important as daypacks, sleeping bags and other things for men during hiking. So the best travel shoes for men are with which a person can walk or hike easily whole day without any difficulty. Because fashionable shoes can make the tour very terrible. Therefore search the little bit for best and comfortable shoes that also look somewhat stylish.

So it can be a challenge to travel light when you need the best travel for everything from sports to business meeting or hiking. So here we have the list of top best travel shoes for men.

Top 9 Best Travel Shoes for Men Best Travel Shoes for Men

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09. Wool Runners

Wool Runners are one of the best travel shoes for men. Made not only for traveling but also for home or gym users. Their ultra-comfy build means that they have plenty of heel cushion and not a lot of ankle support. So wool runners also best in the rainy season. Therefore if you have a plan to do than a riding bike or hiking than bringing these shoes. Wool runners are also soft, flexible, lightweight and breathable. Therefore shoes are durable enough for long-term use in hiking or riding bikes. So Wool Runner is the ideal companion during traveling.

Top 9 Best Travel Shoes for Men 9 8

08. Aalto Chukka by Kuru

Designed especially for travelers who can walk. So these shoes are extremely comfortable because upper of the shoes is made soft Suede leather. Moreover, Aalto Chukka is also wicking, anti-microbial and breathable, therefore keep feet from foul-smelling. More important these shoes are available in different sizes but only into colors. So Aalto Chukka for every season, because not create any foul smell even in rainy season. Keep the feet dry and moisture free. Designed cutting edges high-tech soles to reduce pain from plantar fasciitis and hug the heels of feet.  Originally made and imported from China.

Top 9 Best Travel Shoes for Men 8 10

07. Lukla Pro Mid Hiker

Lukla Pro Mid Hiker shoes are waterproof shoes, therefore considered as most trusted shoes for hiking or adventure. Shoes are helpful even in snow or rainy season. Moreover, shoes are also comfortable and lightweight. So shoes are breathable, rugged and luxurious. Therefore made for heavy load, longer treks and traveling. Upper is made of leather or synthetic material. Despite, shoes are available in every size but only in solid brown color. They look good whenever you are walking, riding or sitting. Stiffer fiberglass and raised cuff provide extra stability and protection. Therefore considered in best travel shoes for men.

Top 9 Best Travel Shoes for Men 7 11

06. Reef Ripper Tx

Ref Ripper is most comfortable shoes. Contoured EVA insole envelops and supports your feet. So the wavelike pattern under the sole provides the best grip in dry and wet conditions. Made in The United States of America. Shoes have the premium canvas upper with rubber toe cap. As Reef Ripper has the rubber sole to avoid any unsafe condition and also lightweight. Shoes also bring time-honored style to your dress or wardrobe. Available in low prices therefore considered as best travel shoes for men.

Top 9 Best Travel Shoes for Men 6 11

05. SeaVees Legend Clipper Class

SeaVees legend Clipper Class shoes are most prominent among the men. Therefore everyone wants to wear these shoes. The company set a new standard of classiness. So the shoes have perforated and contoured footbed. Therefore crafted from comfortable and durable leather with the signature herringbone rubber type sole. So these shoes are pioneers for casual sophistication. Called as best travel shoes for men because of leather upper, waxed cotton laces and canvas lining. Took their name from 1960s corresponding of upper-crust air travel.

Top 9 Best Travel Shoes for Men SeaVees Legend Clipper Class

04. Sanuk TKO

Sanuk TKO are casual sneaker top design with Sanuk moc toe construction and lengthened collar for coziness. Moreover, molded, premium and removable EVA shoes featuring the anti-microbial additive designed for the reduction odor that causing bacteria. Made of imported material and clean rubber for extra comfort. Sanuk TKO has the rubber sole to bear more load and hard weather conditions. Available in different sizes and colors, suited for very kind of hiking because of luxury material. Therefore considered in best travel shoes for men.

Top 9 Best Travel Shoes for Men 4 12

03. Vans Slip-On SF

With Vans Slip-On SF, forget the classic white and black checked slip on. Because these are days of launching something bit louder. Therefore Vans SF comes in of a lot of styles and designs. So this is the perfect shoes for traveling for men. As shoes combine with the classic low-profile canvas outline to create comfortable and luxurious shoes. Vans SF is durable, flexible and ultra-light shoes to wear. Made with the water-based glues and inks, rubber sole made this shoes much luxurious and comfortable during traveling and hiking.

Top 9 Best Travel Shoes for Men 3 11

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02. Pikolinos Durban

Pikolinos Durban has the classic and beautiful design that stand out because of their unusual colors. Great stitching and detailing with the youthful edge makes this shoe more unique. As the detachable inner sole of the shoes makes them particularly adaptable choice. The outsole of the shoes is made up of synthetic material, 25% textil, and 75% leather. So considered as classic design with casual, unique touch.  So entrance of new style in traveling shoes with great comfort. Therefore called as best travel shoes for men. Equally used for office, traveling and home.

Top 9 Best Travel Shoes for Men 2 11

01. Clark Desert

The Clark Desert shoes are the icon for cultures in all corners of the world. Inspired by crepe-soled boots worn by the British office during Second World War. Made of comfortable and natural material like beeswax leather for supreme luxury. So the style of the shoes remained unchanged after six years. Moreover, shoes have supple suede, soft and full grain leather upper for extra comfort. Leather covered EVA footbed to keep the feet dry from the moisture. Therefore considered as best travel shoes for men during traveling.

Top 9 Best Travel Shoes for Men 1 10


Buying comfortable and best travel shoes for men is the bit tricky; because every shoe looks same best. Therefore we have tried to assemble the list of best travel shoes for men who are fashionable and comfortable. These type of shoes are prominent among the travelers. So we hope that our provided information will help you in the best way to choose best travel shoes.


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