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Byodo-In Temple is the ancient and non-dimensional temple. Located in the Oahu, Hawaii, in the United States of America at the Valley of Temples. Founded in 1968 on the 10th anniversary of the first Japanese migrants to Hawaii. So the temple is the zeros copy of 900 years old Buddhists temple at Uji in Japan. Therefore Byodo-In is not a functioning temple of Buddhists in the proper sense. 18-feet long statue Lotus Buddha is inside the temple, covered with lacquer and gold.

Full Guide to Byodo In Temple temple hawaii

Temple is surrounded by the large Koi pond that covers the area of about 2-acres. So there are lush green Japanese gardens all around the pound. These pounds are more beautiful because of the house of several Peacocks and Sparrows. The Byodo-In Temple covers the total area of 1,000-meter square. Due to the beauty of the temple, visited by thousands of worshippers every year. Despite, also welcomed people of all faiths all around the world to see and participate in the culture and traditions.

Apart from the traditions, grounds of the temple also used for office meeting and weddings. So the temple is the replica of the ancient Buddhists Temple in Kyoto Japan. The Byodo-In Temple employed in many movies including Pearl Harbor in the replacement of Byodo-in temple of Japan in 2001.

Full Guide to Byodo In Temple temple 2 hawaii

Byodo-In Japan

Now talk a little bit about the first Byodo-In Japan, built in 998. So this Buddhists temple is in the city of Uji in Kyoto in Japan. Established in the Heian period. Moreover, it is the joint temple of Tendai-Shu and Jodo-Shu sects. The temple was made first as Villa but changed into the temple of Buddha in 1052. Therefore Amida or Phoenix Hall constructed in 1953. So this is only original building around the ponds but burnt during the civil war in 1336.

On the north side of the temple, there is Kannon Hall with eleven headed biggest statue of Kannon. So with the Statue, beautiful fan-shaped lawn exist. Warrior Minamoto Yorisma committed suicide in 1180. So we provide you the full guide to Byodo-In Temple.

Full Guide to Byodo In Temple japan


Uji is the most famous city in the southern Kyoto. The famous city is more popular due to Byodo-In Temple. The city Uji is the host of two historical sites of the world, included in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Established in the 4th century by Jin Empire but was most popular during 14th and 15 century due to the production of tea.

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Byodo-In Temple is the most attractive place to visit. Included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. So tourists can visit the temple for 8 hours in days with 500 yen but only grounds. Therefore if you want to visit internal parts of the temple, then you have to join groups that visit after every 20-minutes. So the whole area of the temple is full of shops, green fields and crafts and arts showing the rich history of the city.

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Address of Temple

116 Uji Renge, Uji-Shi

Opening Hours

8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and last entry are at 5:15 p.m.


Adults: 600 yen

Students of high and junior school: 300 yen

Students of Elementary School: 200 yen

The area is Non-Smoking. Therefore smoking is not allowed in this area.

Nearest Transport

So the nearest transport is the 10-minute walk from Uji Station, JR Nara line or Uji Station, Keihan line.


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