Mount Fuji Facts


Mount Fuji is the most symmetrical, snowcapped and one of the striking famous Symbol of Japan. As it is in Japan, called as the iconic in country’s culture and traditions. Due to its increasing popularity, Mount Fuji is instantly recognizable peaks in the world. So let’s talk little about some interesting Mount Fuji Facts.

Mount Fuji Facts Mount Fuji Facts

Three Volcanoes in one

Mount Fuji looks like a single peak but in real, made of three different volcanoes. Including Fuji at the top, Kofuji in the middle and Komitake at the bottom.

Mount Fuji Facts Mt Fuji

Time to reach the top

So ready guys and don’t let the magnificent beauty of the Mount Fuji because it will deceive a person. As it is not an easy task to reach at the top of the Fuji mountain because took more than 8-hours to reach the peak. But there is little bit easiness for the new hikers and climbers because there are well made and signposted ways leading a person to carefully choose the safe paths.

Cultural Site

One of the most impressive Mount Fuji facts is that it has more important as the cultural site to visit rather than natural. Although Mount Fuji has geological importance, now recognized as the Sacred Mountain and UNESCO first site of cultural significance. Mount Fuji is also the site of training for Samurai Warriors and Buddhists.

Mount Fuji Facts cultural

Women were forbidden

Another one of the interesting Mount Fuji Facts that women were forbidden on this mountain because of sacred importance till 1868. So until 1869 women were not reached the summit; but the wife of British Ambassador, Lady Fanny Parkes was the first honorable non-Japanese lady to make her trip on the top of the mountain.

Surrounded by hot springs

Because of its popularity all over the world, trips and tours are more prominent activities to do on Mount Fuji. So it is surrounded by hot springs, the most attractive place site for tourists to visit. The perfect and absolute way to unwind after a long day hiking and climbing.

Mount Fuji Facts 2 lakes

Some more Mount Fuji Facts

According to reports, more than 200,000 people climb Mount Fuji in a single year.

The temperature at the top is too much low; the lowest temperature recorded -38C.

Included in one of the three Holy Mountains in Japan.

The highest mountain in the Land of the rising sun.

Surrounded by five beautiful lakes.

Climbing is allowed only in months of July to September.

Mount Fuji Facts climbers


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