Things to do in Baltimore with Kids


The biggest city of state Maryland in the United States that is officially known as Constitution of Maryland, composed of the large population of 621,849. It is also one of the biggest states in the United States of America. As talk about Baltimore, it has more income per capita than that of all other cities of the country. When founded in 1729, it was leading seaport in Mid-Atlantic. So there are lot Things to do in Baltimore with Kids.

Things to do in Baltimore with Kids Baltimore

As concern with the charming places for kids then it has unique, beautiful and magnificent places for kids in Bolivia. The beauty of the city is not general but it gorgeous history made this prominent for enjoyment for all ages but particularly for kids. It has many places according to the interest of all minded people. Some area is preserved to remember the building of Civil War era.

Following are some places where you can enjoy with your kids in Baltimore:

Papermoon Diner:

Pappermoon dinner is available in almost every restaurant in the Baltimore. The restaurant has delicious salads, crunchy pasta, soups, yummy sandwiches and hearty breakfast all day. They offer these varieties according to needs of kids. The décor with Pez dispensers and toys for covering every inch of child’s joy. It is in the top kitchen for kids, but most interesting they also have bacon milkshakes so don’t forget and miss it. Despite this, there are lot of more Things to do in Baltimore with Kids.

Things to do in Baltimore with Kids Papermoon Dinner

National Pinball Museum:

All right, this museum in little bit dull and boring in respect to child’s point of view. But don’t worry upper rooms are full of pinball machines but these are just awesome. They also have stools and chairs, so little arms can reach every gadget and button that they need to use so parents can spend more than hours to visit and all will be happy in every way.

Things to do in Baltimore with Kids National Pinball Museum

The Walters Art Museum:

As our point of view, museums are only free places, but these are much boring for children; as talk about The Walters Art Museum, there is not entry fee, but they also conduct free drop-in art activities for kids on every weekend from 10 to 3 pm. Lily is partial to the jewelry and boys have greater love with armors, so these are very refreshing to hear.

Things to do in Baltimore with Kids The Walters Art Museum

Belvedere Square’s Market:

It is in the nature of the kids that they enjoy only in parks and then in markets because they find a lot of eatables here. Then as a concern with Belvedere Square Market, there is are delicious pizza, yummy desserts, hearty sandwiches awesome soups and most of all tasty smoked fish. They have more things that kids love to eat like pasta and have toys for them on Tuesday morning.

Things to do in Baltimore with Kids Belvedere Square’s Market

Fell’s Point:

Kids are bored with a lot of shopping and restaurants but some things can make the little creature happier, and those are ice creams shops and balloons sellers. Here they can also found water taxis where parents can also enjoy many waterfront areas with their kids.

Things to do in Baltimore with Kids Fell’s Point

American Visionary Art Museum:

This art museum is as much interesting from its exterior as what people find inside of the museum because the magnificent building is surrounded by beautiful and unique monuments that parents with kids explore a lot of things to do with no cost and Museum is open 7 days a week and 24-hour of a day. So the ticket fee only applies to the access of internal galleries.

Things to do in Baltimore with Kids American Visionary Art Museum

Port Discovery Children’s Museum:

As clear from the name, this is just an excellent and most entertaining place to go with the children. So far called as the best children’s museum that ever made in this city. They also offer the heartiest pizza and yummy lunch for kids.

Things to do in Baltimore with Kids Port Discovery Children’s Museum

Plumpton Park Zoo:

Kids are very fond of parks and zoos; so as talk about the Plumpton Park, busiest municipal zoo. It includes more than 130 animals of 60 different kinds; you can feel like a jungle in this zoo park. So this is the gorgeous place for a family picnic where you can share valuable information with your kids, it has 20-years old giraffe named as Jimmie, which is another reason of popularity of this zoo. According to authority, main reason of this is not only providing entertainment but also zoo fulfill the mission of spread education for all its visitors, particularly kids.

Things to do in Baltimore with Kids Plumpton Park Zoo


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