Things to do in Falmouth Jamaica


Ok friends, let’s see what are Things to do in Falmouth Jamaica, so I want to discuss some background on the gorgeous place. Falmouth is one main town as well as the capital of the parish of Trelawney in Jamaica, located on the north coast of Jamaica 18 miles east of the Montego Bay. So far known as best preserved Georgian’s town in the Caribbean. In Mach 200, the port Falmouth reopened with the restoration that allows this place to accommodate mega ships, but now the business in increasing with high pace, the large number of shops are opened with the growth in tourism.

The magnificent place is the mixture of new and old Jamaica, therefore many things to do in Falmouth Jamaica:

Things to do in Falmouth Jamaica Pulai Desaru Beach Resort 1

Restaurants & Food 

1. Breakfast

Breakfast is best Things to do in Falmouth Jamaica because the National dish of Jamaica Ackee and saltfish is much famous in breakfast which is equivalent to scrambled eggs mixed with the dried cod. Restaurants are situated in the center of the town; banana and cornmeal dumplings are too much prominent to eat in the morning.

Things to do in Falmouth Jamaica breakfast

2. Lunch

For Dinner and hang out in the day with no expenses then choose “N” place restaurants, transportation is easily available for this site because they offer many facilities beach access. The hotel is much tiny so compatible for few peoples; bookings are rarely free; crunchy coconut shrimp, Tangy jerk chicken and butter basted grilled lobster are favorites of lunchtime here.

Things to do in Falmouth Jamaica Lunch

3. Dinner

Glistening Water Restaurants is the best place for dinner in on this location because lucky guests can get tickets and bookings. This is named after the nearby phosphorescent lagoon that glows in the dark time. So after the delicious dinner, conch or curried shrimp and seafood chowder must take more than 25 minutes tour of the lagoon that dazzled by the light.

Things to do in Falmouth Jamaica Dinner


1. For Couples

It is very funny to pretend to be the mistress and master of the patch at the 2000 acres of the former sugar plantation that dates back to the 18th century. Couples can enjoy the romantic buggy tour of lush and horse riding, head to the antique-filled historic house for the luxury Jamaican perfect dinner that includes pepped-topped escovitch kingfish, pickled onion, roasted breadfruits, bammy sticks steamed callaloo, and boiled yellow yams. So far best romantic honeymoon place in the Caribbean. Despite this, they offer a lot of Things to do in Falmouth Jamaica for couples.

Things to do in Falmouth Jamaica Martha Brae

2. For Everyone

There are also a lot of Things to do in Falmouth Jamaica; Burwood beach is just 10 minutes away from Falmouth by taxi or car, called as one of two best public beaches in this area. More improvements are being developed because of more tourism via cruises, but now facilities are limited, the government has now invested millions of dollars in upgrading this place which included a gazebo, play area for children, shops, restaurants and Sanitary conveniences. So at the same time sand is at the top level and water is bright and fresh, making this place more attractive to visit.

3. For Families

There are various Things to do in Falmouth Jamaica with families; Swamp Safari Village is beautiful enough to enjoy with the families, situated in the natural mangrove habitat with the drive of just 1 hour and 15 minutes. Interesting to see 30 endangered American crocodiles which are observed and being fed the Jamaican boa constrictors. You can also visit only walk through aviary tour in Jamaica to find various species of rare local birds and animals.

Things to do in Falmouth Jamaica families

4. For the Adventurous

Island Routes are best places for adventurous, 3 miles away from the historical place with 90 minutes float down the picturesque Martha Brae River on the bamboo raft of length 30 feet. This is also about relaxing journey, includes raft captain letting that tourists try to steer with the large bamboo pole because of much more challenging than its sound. For further enjoyment, you can cross jungle canopy via kayak and five different zip lines along the incredible scenery of Martha Brae River.

Things to do in Falmouth Jamaica Adventurous

5. Jamaican River Adventure:

While the beautiful port in Jamaica, also enjoy the amazing tropical scenery on river rafting adventures down to the Rio Bueno, called as the most scenic river ever in the history of Jamaica. After the exciting tour of river-rafting make the way to Bengal Bay to relax in the sun, safe, fun and adrenaline visit is always perfect for the whole family.

Things to do in Falmouth Jamaica Adventurous 2

People cannot able to visit this place without checking and testing proper Jamaican petty. There are more things to visit and enjoy the paradise beauty of this area.


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