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While indexing the hottest places in USA, the temperature is not only the factor that counts, reading on the mercury thermometer. There is a hand full of aspects that combine to rate the places to be more and more hot. The day and night climates, the wind factor, the humidity index, desert equivalent temperature, and the discomfort level makes the final conclusion of the question that which is the hottest place in USA?

America has won the reward of having the highest temperature in the history according to research.

There are reports that Furnace Creek Ranch, California, located in the Death Valley desert in the United States, might have registered 56.7 °C (134.1 °F) on July 10, 1913.

Resource: Wikipedia

As USA has always been the land of extremes in all matters, thus we decided to dig in and to explore the extreme hottest places in USA so that the visitor doesn’t waste wandering here and there rather make use of the available data and land to the right place. Here are the few places that a good for a field trip and best in my travel itinerary having pleasant climate throughout.

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Hottest Places in USA

5. Death Valley

Death Valley is famous for the visitors of California as the claim of the highest temperature on earth was proved true in 1922. When all the states of America were busy in claiming the hottest year ever, California put forward its claim to be the hottest place on earth ever. On the same time, Al Aziziyah in Libya claimed the same, but after the final decision of the committee of experts, Death Valley won. Furnace Creek , the low-lying land in the Death Valley is the place to visit here during July and August. If luckily it rains during your visit, you will be amused watching the water vapors evaporates before reaching the ground. The Death Valley is the main attraction for the film industry as well.

Precautionary Measures before going the Death Valley

Before going the death valley, make sure that you are not approaching it in the hottest part of the day or the hottest month. be hydrating before reaching there and bring ample water with you in your vehicle or while hiking. Drive slow so as many of the accident in the death valley takes place due to the single-car rollovers. don’t go near to the wild animals, they can be lethal, most prominently the rattlesnakes.

The highest temperature ever recorded in North America occurred at Death Valley National Park’s Furnace Creek Ranch. In July 1913, the temperature rose to 134 degrees Fahrenheit–a world record at the time that Libya has since eclipsed.

Resource: USA Today

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4. Titusville, Pennsylvania

Most of us are unaware of this place, you are not alone in the row. But in the true sense, the place is as important as the others in the itinerary. Titusville, Pennsylvania is the homeland of the oil resources, thus building up the oil industry. After all, the oil is a necessary natural resource to run the transportation and contribute running other industries as well.

In Titusville, the best place to visit in my opinion is Drake Well Museum and the Well that put the bases of the oil-independency in the country. You can go with the flow, picturing the wells that were drilled in the 1800s, some of them preserved and some are with overgrown weeds presenting the image of a barren land. The temperature at this place is somehow less visceral but still, Titusville is in the list of the hottest place in USA due to the importance.

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3. Firewalking

Firewalking is not a specified place in USA, rather it is the art exhibited almost everywhere in America under the supervision of the experts. If you want to be a part of this art, this will be a great chance to build your mental health, self-confidence, and spiritual growth, as most of the people think about it. Before taking the risk beware that your instructor is not greedy at all so that he/she guide you fully as most of the time people get burned while performing the task.

Being “Kissed” by a firewalking, however, is considered a badge of honor by many cultures and tribes, letting the firewalker and everyone else know by way of proof, that those coals were indeed HOT and you just WALKED ACROSS them!!

Resource: Clinical Hypnotherapist, Clinical Behavioral Therapist & Certified Life Coach.

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2. The Big Island, Hawaii

Hawaii is the top most tourist attraction in USA, having a pleasant warm temperature but not so hot. The Volcanoes National Park is one of the hottest places in USA. To explore the big island activities, head towards the park and have a quick glance of the volcanic eruptions.

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At places, the visitor can also step out of the car walking on the liquid rock, and the ground that is turning solid to liquid and the liquid to steam.The precaution you have to adopt here is avoiding the lava fields that has ruined many trips leading the visitors to death by burning. Anyhow, moving a further, you will see the atmospheric laboratories near the peak of Mauna Loa.

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1. The Brookhaven, New York

The hottest place in USA, but not allowing the visitor to roam here and there freely instead the facility offers a tour to explain what they are doing inside that made this the hottest place in USA. The scientists are in search of the method to produce a temperature that is equal to the temperature present within the moments of Big Bang. But the question is that how they are doing that? They accelerate the gold ions and speed up these up to the speed of light and finally allow them for a head-on collision. In 2012, the Brookhaven Laboratory succeed in attaining the highest man-made temperature of 7 Trillion Degrees on earth.

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