Top 10 Best Beaches in Maui


The most exciting and best thing in the Hawaii is its magnificent beaches. Maui County has more than 30-miles area on beaches, offering a handful of most outstanding beaches in the world. So the best beaches to explore in Maui depends on the type of vacations you are planning. Whether it is a family vacation to Maui, honeymoon or a surf trip to the north shore of the County. Just eliminate the mystery of which beach is best and in the Maui, as there are a lot of best beaches in Maui.

So plan vacations to visit Hawaii and Maui. So we have a list of top best beaches in Maui.

Top 10 Best Beaches in Maui Best Beaches in Maui

10. Charlie Young Beach

Charlie Young is a beautiful beach to visit. Located at the cross section of Kailua Place and Ili Ili Road. So early in the morning is the best time to visit as water is calm. Named after a man owned a house at this beach for many years. The total length of the beach is about 1/3 mile that makes it great to run on the golden sand, to sunbathe, to swim, sunset walks and long picnics with the family. Despite, it is perfect place snorkeling and stand-up paddling as lifeguards are on duty. Therefore included in best beaches in Maui.

Top 10 Best Beaches in Maui Charlie Young Beach

9. Olowalu

Another beautiful beach to visit, located on the west side of the Maui Country and 4-miles south of the Lahaina. The visitors can find hundreds of acres of the magnificent reef for snorkeling at Olowalu beach. So Olowalu is maybe best experienced regarding snorkeling because your contract will perch right where the snorkeling is at peak. It is also perfect for the vacation with the family even with small children. The coastline is protected and shadow while the ocean has very rich visibility and there are much more places to visit . Therefore included in the best beaches in Maui.

Top 10 Best Beaches in Maui olowalu 05

8. Hamoa Beach

Hamoa is one of those beaches you dream of as it is the beautiful beach in the world. Just far away from the masses, therefore, it is gets crowded with the large people. It offers a large number of facilities including washrooms. So surfing is much easier here. Situated in the East Maui on Highway 31, shares some space with the Travaasa Hana Hotel. So some famous activities including snorkeling, bodysurfing, swimming and surfing. Considered as family friendly beaches, therefore, best for the picnic. That’s why included in the best beaches in Maui.

Top 10 Best Beaches in Maui Hamoa Beach

7. Kapalua Bay

One of the finest and sheltered beaches in Maui, so undoubtedly most famous beaches visited by the tourists. The surrounding areas are covered with the condominium communities and Kapalua Bay Resort, but other parts are still open to the public. There is plenty of place to the public that provides the great opportunity for swimming, picnics, Scuba diving and snorkeling. Well protected from the strong and heavy winds, great location for the couples. They provide facilities for parking, showers, restrooms and change rooms therefore considered in best beaches in Maui.

Top 10 Best Beaches in Maui Kapalua Bay 2

6. Palauea

Palauea has tucked away in a residential area between Wailea and Makena that is just south of the Polo Beach. Known as White Rock, mostly visited by South Maui local inhabitants and tourists. Offers a small sized beach with best diving spots and snorkeling while there are a clear visibility and less windy conditions at the time of snorkeling. The whole beach is about 3 yards long and gentle slope which make it excellent for swimming. They also offer the facility of Hotels and restaurants. Therefore included in the best beaches in Maui.

Top 10 Best Beaches in Maui Palauea

5. Honolua Bay

Honolua Bay is a Marine Life Preservation District. Situated on the northwestern side of Maui. Fishing is not allowed here. Honolua Bay is one of the vibrant, colorful and beautiful beaches within all islands of Hawaii . The busiest place for experienced surfers in the winter season but best for snorkeling and scuba diving in the summer. It has an abundance of fish and coral formations to explore. Surfing lessons are also available here, but waves in Honolua in winter can be dangerous because there is no lifeguard available on the beach. That’s why included in the best beaches in Maui.

Top 10 Best Beaches in Maui Honolua Bay

4. Wai’anapanapa State Park

Wai’anapanapa State Park is an excellent part in Hana on the Island of Maui in Hawaii. Located 53-miles east of Kahului at the end of Wai’anapanapa Road off Hana Highway. In the Hawaiian language, Wai’anapana mean the shining fresh water, therefore refers to near sparkling and fresh water streams. Situated in the area of 120-acres that has camping areas, 12-rental cabins, picnic pavilions and all the other needed facilities. It has a small lawn where visitors can pitch a tent, also provide showers, public restrooms, and picnic tables. Therefore included in the best beaches in Maui.

Top 10 Best Beaches in Maui Wai’anapanapa State Park 1

3. Baldwin Beach Park

Baldwin is a wide, long, wonderful sandy beach park which is just outside of Paia. Fully equipped with the bathrooms, picnic tables, barbecues, showers, lifeguards and covered pavilion. There are a lot more things to do and enjoy including skim boarding, socializing, swimming, sunbathing, dog walking and running. So this is a great beach for families to enjoy picnics. East end of the beach is called as Cove while west end is known as Baby Beach. You can enjoy performances of musicians, drum circles, yogis and more. Therefore included in the best beaches in Maui.

Top 10 Best Beaches in Maui Baldwin Beach Park

2. Kaanapali Beach

Kaanapali is one of the best beaches for many reasons in Maui County. To find the central area of the beach, drive to the Whalers Village Shopping Center and park your vehicle there. But why called as the best? It is perfect for a lot of bars, different restaurants, and shops in the walking distance. Therefore, offers a large number of ocean activities including a surfboard, parasailing, boogie board, stand-up paddle board rentals, and boating. Popular jumping place ‘Black Rock is just right of the Kaanapali Beach, an excellent place for snorkeling. Therefore included in the best beaches in Maui.

Top 10 Best Beaches in Maui Ka’anapali Beach

1. Makena Beach State Park

Makena is one of the magnificent beaches in Makena, South of the Maui, Hawaii. It covers 165-acres area. Makena Beach is composed of Little Beach and big Beach, most photographed beach in Hawaii. Big Beach is famous for skim boarding, swimming, weddings, body boarding and sun tanning. While the Little Beach is in few nude beaches of Maui, Hawaii. They offer, picnic area for families, showers, restrooms and swimming. So mid-morning is the best time to visit and swim because the ocean is at its calmest. Water is also crystal clear. That’s why included in the best beaches in Maui.

Top 10 Best Beaches in Maui Makena Beach State Park

Final Thoughts

We know that you have the excellent and amazing time while visiting magnificent beaches of Maui. As most of us not even know about the best beaches in Maui. Therefore we assemble the list of best beaches and places to visit , many thanks for taking the time to read the article on Best beaches in Maui. So don’t forget to share this article with your loved ones and friends. Did we miss your favorite beach in Maui then share it in comments.

Serial No Best Beaches in Maui
1 Makena Beach State Park
2 Ka’anapali Beach
3 Baldwin Beach Park

4 Wai’anapanapa State Park
5 Honolua Bay
6 Palauea
7 Kapalua Bay
8 Hamoa Beach
9 Olowalu
10 Charlie Young Beach


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