Top 8 Coldest States in USA

Top 10 Coldest States in USA, based on highest and average temperatures
SN States Capital Lowest Temperature
01 Alaska Juneau -80
02 North Dakota Bismarck -60
03 Maine Augusta -48
04 Minnesota Saint Paul -60
05 Wyoming Cheyenne -66
06 Montana Helena -70
07 Vermont Montpelier -50
08 Wisconsin Madison -55

There are a large number of extreme places in this beautiful world. So some of these places are extreme than others. As talk about the United States of America, it is one of the most beautiful and biggest countries of the world. As the USA is composed of more than fifty states. Here in this article, we will discuss the coldest States in USA.

08. Wisconsin

A beautiful state of America, located in the North Central, Wisconsin is situated in the Great Lakes and Midwest regions. Wisconsin is the largest producer of dairy products, therefore called as the Dairyland of America. The people of this state fry everything before use including corn on the cob, Snickers bars, and Cheese Curds. So the reason behind this task is weather of Wisconsin, which is too much cold. As in 1996, the temperature of this state was recorded -55. So people just enjoy the cold weather by eating real cheese, fried products and drinking beer.

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07. Vermont

Vermont is another coldest state in USA, situated New England region in the northeastern United States . The State is 2 nd least populous in the US with just 626,042 inhabitants. Vermont is the largest producer of maple syrup in the country. As talk about the weather of this state which is too much cold. In 1993, the temperature was recorded about -50. Much interesting to know, Ben and Jerry ice cream were also founded here and hard to believe that ice cream is the most selling product .

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06. Montana

Montana is another state located in the Western region of USA. The name of Montana is the Spanish word which means Mountain. Montana is the 4 th biggest state of USA according to size but on 44 th position in population. Due to its coldest weather, it is one of the most prominent tourism places because the entire state is entirely covered with snow five months in a year. Therefore considered in coldest States in USA. The temperature of the State recorded -70 in 1954. Although Montana has the biggest glacier in the United States. Therefore it is one of the best places to visit in summer.

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05. Wyoming

Mountain region state of the western United States, Wyoming is the tenth largest state by area of the country. Despite large area, Wyoming is the least populated state of USA. So if you drive in Wyoming, you will see nothing but antelope and shrubs. But one more thing that a person will see is large fences. Due to their long structure, called as snow guards . So the lowest temperature in this state was -66 in 1993. Therefore included in coldest states in the USA, because Wyoming has also Snow Chi Minh Trail.

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Lets See the Top Coldest States in USA

04. Minnesota

Minnesota is another beautiful state in the northern and Midwestern regions of USA. The state is also famous for large number lakes, more than 10,000 lakes. Therefore called as the Land of 10,000 lakes. As the state is 21 st most populated and 12 th largest by area in the country. So most visited by the tourists due to its cold weather and magnificent lakes. As the lowest temperature of this state was recorded -60 in 1996. The State is a breeding ground for one of the extreme sports on the planet, Hockey.

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03. Maine

Maine is also in coldest states in USA. Located in the New England region of northeastern United States. Maine is also one of the least populous States in the country. Stephen King was the resident of this State. Therefore he called as the coldest writer in the history, which may be due to the coldest environment and atmosphere around. The state has recorded lowest temperature of -48 and covered with snow in most months in a year. Therefore Maine is a massive ice box of the country.

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02. North Dakota

Upper Midwestern State of the US, North Dakota is also included in the coldest states in USA. North Dakota is also developed state of the country because the state has the strong job, low unemployment, and population growth. As talk about the weather, which is too much cold and lowest temperature -60 was recorded in 1936. Despite one of the coldest states in USA, rich with natural resources like oil, and a ton of ‘great’ meth. So cold weather also blocks even car engine.

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01. Alaska

Last but not the least, Alaska is the coldest state, located in the northwest of North America. Not only the coldest but also largest by area but the 3 rd least populous state of the country. So tourism and Military bases are the substantial part of the economy of the state. Alaska is also the most beautiful state of the country due to massive ice burgs, plenty of trees, rigid high mountains and many tourist’s places. So the lowest temperature was recorded -80 in 1971. People chill by drinking alcohol and eating ice cream in the coldest weather, as third place for alcoholism .

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