Top 10 Things to do in London


London is the most populous and the capital city of England, Great Britain. It is one of the most desired destinations for a tourist. Everyone has the wish to visit London at least one time in their life as there are many things to do in London. It is a great location to spend quality family time and have a comfortable journey in such a beautiful and developed city. It is considered as the most secure cities in the world even in such a large population. One must prepare the list of things to do in London so that he can have a great tour with unforgettable memories. It is for sure that this tour will give you a lot of memories.

Let’s read Things to do in London

British Museum Highlights Tour in London including the Rosetta Stone

Top 10 Things to do in London British Museum Highlights Tour

British Museum Highlights Tour

Just separate your 2.5 hours and visit the most prestigious British Museum in which the story of human culture and history is resolved. It is the home for artifacts of all over the world. Almost there are 70 galleries which you can visit along with listening entertaining anecdotes; headphones are also provided by the administration so that you can listen to it clearly. Egyptian mummies, English treasures from burial sites of Sutton Hoo are the prominent artifacts.
Hear of the real Rosetta Stone which measures 525 foot is the attention grabbing monument that once stole the limelight in the Acropolis of Athens. You can stay long even if your time has exceeded if you are enjoying the visit and wants to discover more things to do in London. Many cafes and restaurants are also there at which you can enjoy the meal.

Private Tour: National Gallery visit in London with Art Historian Guide

Top 10 Things to do in London National Gallery visit in London

National Gallery visits in London

Another great thing to do in London is to do a private tour either in the morning or afternoon. The iconic lion statues in London’s Trafalgar Square are also there. The National Gallery swanky one of Europe’s greatest collections of paintings by the Old Masters. You must be attentive while having the private tour to get aware of all the historic monuments and statues. The Italian greats of the 13th century, that were the Masters to the High Renaissance of Pierro Della Francesca, Michelangelo, Botticelli, and Leonardo da Vinci. The Flemish school of art, masterpieces from Rembrandt will conclude your 3.5 hours tour of National Gallery.

Tower of London

Top 10 Things to do in London Tower of London

Tower of London on the banks of the Thames river is a significant place to visit. It was built by William the conqueror in 1606. It represents the 1000 year dark age history of the royal palace, prison and execution place. You will get the audio guided tour in which you can see the agonizing ravens as you stroll around and be cleared up by the bleak however entrancing stories of the turrets, loads, and structures around you. All these factors make this must things to do in London.

Let’s take look London

Private Tour: Big Ben to Covent Garden Tour in London

Top 10 Things to do in London Big Ben to Covent Garden Tour in London

Big Ben to Covent Garden

One of the major things to do in London is to have this tour. This tour will lead you to the Westminster Abbey and through two of the area’s most charming parks. After one hour at 11 AM, you will be able to witness Her Majesty’s swans and then you will be going to the Westminster’s that is the best street for shopping you will have a coffee stop at around 12 PM. The tour will continue and you will visit many significant and amazing places of London to make again the list of things to do in London as you will now absolutely think of visiting each location to have detailed tours of those locations. Street performers and musicians will also be there to entertain you in this tour.

Historical London Walking Tour

Top 10 Things to do in London Historical London Walking Tour

Historical London Walking Tour

The central London borough and home of British espionage were the targets of heavy bombing during WWII. By keeping this place to visit in your things to do in London will make you aware of the government staff that sheltered from the bombs.
You will also visit Churchill Museum, an intelligent show space devoted to the wartime pioneer. A bit of living history, the exhibition hall is home to a variety of Churchill antiques, for example, stories and outfits and also sound recordings of his motivating wartime discourses. Artifacts like Cigars, outfits and the audio recordings that were used to inspire soldiers during the wartime are also kept there.

Inside the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey Tour in London

Top 10 Things to do in London Inside the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey 1

Westminster Abbey

London the center of the democratic world, here you can have a tour of the Parliament square to have the view of London’s most famous sights, including Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. After this, you can walk away to Westminster Abbey. Walking from the college garden that is the oldest one in England will enable you to have a look at the graves of Dickens, hardy and other famous writers. Visiting these locations make this thing to do in London as an important thing. The 1,5-hour tour will make you visit many more places like Elizabeth Tower, Queen’s Robing Room, the Royal Gallery and Lords Chamber through which you can have fascinating views.

Southbank Centre

Top 10 Things to do in London Southbank Centre

Southbank Centre

South bank center is focused especially for its world-popular expressions on the South Bank of the Thames offering an extensive variety of social occasions. You can observe various cultural shows, music, dance and art performance. A wide range of restaurants, shops and cafés allow you to have a wonderful meal of your choice. 22 million visitors yearly witness 1000 musicians making this place as the most popular destinations of the world. This fact makes this place must things to do in London.

Tate Modern

Top 10 Things to do in London Tate Modern

Tate Modern

Without visiting Tate Modern, your things to do in London would not be completed. The exciting masterpieces of world-famous artists are placed there. Britain’s national museum is also housed in the previous Bankside Power location on the pool of the Thames.

Somerset House

Top 10 Things to do in London Somerset House

Somerset house is also an amazing place to visit while you are on a visit to London; it hosts open-air concerts and films. Family workshops, design exhibitions and contemporary arts are also held there along with the guided tour of spaces that are usually hidden to visitors. In Summer, 55 fountains also dance in the courtyard of the Somerset house while in Winters you can experience ice rink. It makes you have this thing to do in London.

Coca-Cola London Eye

Top 10 Things to do in London Coca Cola London Eye

Coca-Cola London Eye

The Coca-Cola London eye will give you the fascinating 360-degree view of the capital. Centrally located in the heart of the capital. It is the world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel with a height of 135 meters. Having 4D experience of London make this visit as essential things to do in London.


All the above things to do in London make it the best city to spend your holidays. It is highly recommended to spend few days in this city and experience the life-changing adventures of the city. The tours of this city will make your life tension free and comfortable for the days when you will be visiting all the above places. This trip will give you life changing the experience.