Things to do in South Carolina


Top 10 things to do in South Carolina

South Carolina is a popular state in the United States. The state is famous for its subtropical beaches at the shoreline and marshy unique islands. The landscape is found nowhere in the world like this. The United States itself is the best place to visit but some of its states have a remarkable significance. South Carolina is one a fascinating state of the United States. If you get a chance must do the following things to do in South Carolina:

10. Columbia Food Tours

Things to do in South Carolina columbia Food tour
In Downtown Columbia, the food street of Columbia Food Tours offers 2.5 hours walking tour with a verity of food. The food tour consists of a badge of 10-14 persons along with the natives of as well. An authentic person guides the badge and makes you aware of the history, local cuisine, and city’s tradition. The guiding person also offers sample food to the tourists of their own restaurants and makes them aware of its preparation. Downtown also has other activities to amuse its visitor. So go and experience a classy food in Columbia.

9. South Carolina Aquarium

Things to do in South Carolina south carolina Aquarium
The South Carolina Aquarium was opened in May 2000. The Aquarium makes you see the water wildlife very closely and lucid. You will feel that you are moving along with the sharks, crabs, sea stars, lobsters, jellyfishes and a diverse verity of fishes in the water. This is one of the must things to do in South Carolina in my opinion. And once you go there you would wish to go there again and again. The most attar5cting part is great Ocean Tank which is three-stories long. The tank holds 385,0000 US gallons of water and about seven hundreds of wild species.

8. Reedy River Falls

Things to do in South Carolina reedy river falls
Reedy River Falls is a part of a historic park and greenway located in Greenville, South Carolina. the water falls from the reedy river to the Church Street. The River falls are longest waterfalls in South Carolina that run a long length. These are also called Big Brother. Liberty Bridge is the best spot to see the waterfall falling at the great depth. The Blue Ridge Mountains offers spectacular sceneries of nature lying at the top of the Reedy River. Watching the falling waterfall from the mountains is among the must things to do in South Carolina.

7. Congaree National Park

Things to do in South Carolina Congaree National Park

Congaree National Park is the most astonishing place of great biodiversity. The place is concentrated with old grown bottomland hardwood. The forest covers the remains of historical trees of Southeastern United States. It would be not wrong if we say if the asset of United States forestry. The flowing water of waterfalls runs into the soil and takes up nutrients along with it so the forest is supported by its own biomass. Thus the trees are also called state champion trees.

You can enjoy your park tour by hiking along the ways, camping, canoe and kayak adventures. Entertaining activities are also offered for the kids. So enjoying your family time in the park is one of the must things to do in South Carolina.

6. Middleton Place

Things to do in South Carolina Middleton Place

A home to America’s oldest landscapes, Middleton is a national and historical landmark. The gardens of Middleton place are spread in 65 acres and these are most interesting and important gardens of America. Note only the gardens of Middleton is praiseworthy but the springhouse, rice mill, Eliza’s house are also significant.

The house museum of Middleton was once a residence of Middleton family. The house is beautifully designed with antique furniture, rare books, and extraordinary painting on the walls. The Middleton has always played an important role in America’s history. The house was owned by the same family for 320 years and now it is among the most preserved places of America. Witnessing the history of America is one of the most amazing things to do in South Carolina.

5. Folly Beach

Things to do in South Carolina Folly Beach
Located on Folly Island, Folly beach is a historical place in South Carolina, United States. The Folly beach is just 15 miles from downtown Charleston. The beach has its own world with its own attractions, enjoyment, and a boosted spirit of friendly energy. The people who once go there, naturally affiliated with that place and love to go there repeatedly. The wide beaches along with solid surfing, and a diverse range of local and international restaurants makes it a perfect place to enjoy the spare time with loved ones.

4. City Market

Things to do in South Carolina City Market
We have talked, much about the things to do in South Carolina. It’s time for some shopping. The City market or Centre market is a perfect place for shopping lover or I would simply say, women. The City Market is a historical complex in Downtown. The market is unique in its structure and design. Indeed it is called the cultural heart of the city as it is one the oldest public market in the city. You will find local as well as an international foodstuff in the market and traditional jewelry and dresses over there. it is a perfect place for shopping lovers and people searching for gifts for their loved ones.

3. Boone Hall

Things to do in South Carolina Boone Hall
Registered in National Register of historical places, the Boone hall Plantation and gardens are bygone farmstead located in South Carolina. The entrance of Boone hall is adorned with oak trees and provides a heart touching scenery to the visitors. Thus it is the most magnificent place in South Carolina, I would say. The visitors can relish the live presentations, found nowhere else in the area. you will be amused to explore Gullah culture, the black history of America displayed on 9 original slave cabin and have a tour of Plantation Home. The families can also enjoy television shows and movies in the setting area.

2. The Family Kingdom Amusement Park

Things to do in South Carolina Family Kingdom Amusement Park
Twist and Shout with your family at Family Kingdom Amusement Park! The seaside amusement park in Myrtle Beach offers thrilling rides, family rides, kiddie rides and go-karts to the visitors. The amusement park holds 37 rides for all ages. The thunderbolt, slingshot, galleon, swamp box and scrambler are the most exciting rides over there. The roller coaster will drive you crazy and you will surely forget all your worries for a moment. The rides are safe and sound and ensure the security of the rider. Wheelchairs are also available for special persons.

1. EdVenture

Things to do in South Carolina EdVenture 1
Parents had enjoyed a lot, it’s time for children to make their trip enjoyable. For kids, EdVenture is for sue the best place to visit in South Carolina. So opened to the public in 2003 and spans an area of 92,000 square feet. Just imagine if the place is spread so far which amount of fun it will offer!. Divided into eight galleries and all the galleries have its own charm. Although it is a children museum but parents enjoy the place too. Arranged there a lot of fun filled activities for the children, hope you will enjoy the place. In fact participating in these activities is among the must things to do in South Carolina.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned things hold the interest of people of all ages. All the things to do in South Carolina are the most exciting and amazing things to do in your whole life. So go and explore the beauty of life.


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